Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lammer Context Menu - A right-click context menu with extras

All praise to the humble context menu! Shortcuts to places you need to go just got better with this free utility. From the developer:

Lammer Context Menu is an extension for Microsoft Windows Explorer with very handy features like:

* Copy Path
* Explore Here
* Command Prompt
* Path Operations (Move, copy, delete based on advanced wildcards like: delete all folders matching "*\bin\obj")
* Batch rename files (manual changes, sequences generator, etc)
* Search (and Replace)
* Select all files in a folder by extension
* Mount virtual drivers (aka subst)
* Register/Unregister COM Modules (*.ocx, *.dll)
* UAC friendly (Shift to run as administrator)
* And much more to come!

Get Lammer Context Menu

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