Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FSL Launcher - Tabbed, mouse-activated app launcher

Time to clean up your cluttered computer desktop. Yes, past time in fact. This is one of those important/not urgent things you never make time for but that can greatly simplify and streamline your digital life. From the developer:

"Shortcuts management for applications, documents, url links, folders path and more...

Categories organization (multi-tab launcher) with fast selection menu.

*NEW* Multi-Desktop and Dual-Monitor support!
Backup and Restore for groups, shortcuts and program settings (to/from Zip file).

MS-DOS files compatibility (.COM files, etc..).

Multi Users shortcuts management: separated shortcuts database for each Windows user (like: Father, Mother and Son ).

Drag & Drop support (copy or move from-to desktop or Windows™ folders).

Auto-hide function with customizable show and hide timings."

Get FSL Launcher

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