Friday, November 13, 2009

OuttaSight - hide running apps with the click of a button

I don't want to know your reasons, but there are many possible ones and this app will be useful for countless ones of you. I guarantee it. Developer description: "OuttaSight (outofsight) allows you to hide any application window from your desktop. You can choose to hide them completely, or to minimize them as icon to the system tray. The program also includes an auto-hide feature, that lets you hide specific windows automatically whenever they appear. Additional features include hotkey operation (Boss Key) to hide selected or all windows, and an option to hide desktop components like taskbar, start button and more. (Please note: OuttaSight is designed for 98/NT, however we tested it on XP and it worked fine, except for hiding of the Start button and system tray)."

Get OuttaSight

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