Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TrendProtect - Stay safe from malicious websites

The real danger of having your computer drafted into a botnet army comes from visiting malicious websites. You don't have to click on an attachment or link or do anything. So it helps to have a plug-in that'll warn you before you go to the wrong place. From the website:

"TrendProtect is a FREE browser plug-in that helps you avoid Web pages with unwanted content and hidden threats. TrendProtect rates the current page and pages listed in Google, MSN, and Yahoo search results. You can use the rating to decide if you want to visit or avoid a given Web page. To rate Web pages, TrendProtect refers to an extensive database that covers the following information for billions of Web pages:

* Content category
* Phishing scam detection
* Site reputation
* Page reputation"

Get TrendProtect

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