Thursday, October 29, 2009

JumpTo - A context-menu-based launcher

I'm always on the lookout for launchers that make the steps to opening apps or web pages easier and faster. Check out this one. From the developer:

"JumpTo is a menu based launcher that holds static links to files, folders, programs, websites, and even command line commands. The links can be held inside of 4 customizable sub-menus or alternately launched through a text command. JumpTo also offers quick note taking, window management (hide and show windows), a runbox replacement with added functionality, along with other smaller less used functions like, importing the date & time to the clipboard for easy pasting and formatting the contents of the clipboard to plain text or converting a copied file or folder to its full path."

JumpTo Tutorial from John-Paul LaBorde on Vimeo.

Get JumpTo

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