Saturday, July 04, 2009

SpiderOak - Another free (2Gb) online backup/storage solution

Does backup intimidate you? There's no need for that with applications like this one. With online backup there's no need to decide where you're going to backup to. And this app allows you not only to use it for backup, but also for synchronization, sharing, remote access, and storage. From the site:

"Whether you need to access a document you have stored on a remote server, synchronize data between a Mac, Windows or Linux device, share important business documents with your clients, or just rest easy knowing all of your data is safely, securely, and automatically backed up - SpiderOak's free online backup, online sync and online sharing solution can handle all your needs!

SpiderOak offers a different approach to online backup by combining a suite of services into one consolidated tool - free online backup, synchronization, sharing, remote access, and storage. This difference is further measured in our zero-knowledge privacy policy - the first one ever employed in this setting. Our flexible design allows you to handle data from any operating system (Mac, Windows and Linux) or location (external drives, network volumes, USB keys, etc...) using just one centralized account."

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