Thursday, July 09, 2009

Migrate MS Access databases to Zoho Creator for web-based apps

How many of my faithful readers use MS Access? For many reasons it's not as popular as Excel or Word (mostly because it's not intuitive). But for those of you who have Access databases, why not try this plug-in? From the Zoho website:

"Zero Infrastructure Cost - You dont have to buy any software/hardware or install, maintain or upgrade on periodic basis. All you need is a web-browser with connected to Internet. While you use your applications in peace, we take care of the rest - Availability , Security and Back-ups.

Easy and Quick Development - Zoho Creator platform offers highly intuitive drag-and- drop graphical interface to build applications for your business. Zoho Creator is integrated with in-built scripting language -Deluge Script which you can use for writing your business rules. You don't have to be a pro-developer to use Zoho Creator."

Get the plug-in.

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