Saturday, May 23, 2009

Common Craft - complex things explained in plain English

Not too many years ago, ignorance was a common condition. Vast swaths of knowledge remained difficult to access, elusive and unattainable. Our natural curiosity about how things worked or what things were remained unassuaged. Today, however, we no longer have to say, I don't know. Today, we have the Interweb!

I'm constantly surprised when friends ask me questions to which they can easily find answers without my help. When I do a quick search and tell them the answer, I look like a genius. I don't mind. So I'm giving away one of my secrets when I tell you about yet another mother lode of answers to your queries.

This site hosts tons of 3-minute videos that explain things in plain English (or French, or Spanish, etc.). You can even share the videos by getting the YouTube or other version. Here's an example: Twitter in plain English...

Visit Common Craft

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