Monday, March 30, 2009

Twittastic - A Twtter client with something special

With an easy gazillion Twitter applications out there you have to be discriminating. This one has some special attractions though and is worth a good look. From the web site:

# Simple interface, that works like the web page
# Drag and drop image uploads to
# Take screenshots of parts of your screen and upload. Double click required.
# Capture your webcam and send straight to Twitpic
# Infinite scrolling into past messages using a database. You can leave it running overnight.
# Drag and drop file uploads straight into
# One click short URLs. Reads what you have in copied and pastes the result. Services including, and are supported out of the box
# Text based emoticons
# Ability to shut up for 30' minutes. So you can brainstorm undistracted.


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