Tuesday, March 03, 2009

ShutDown Suite [Utilities] - Shut down, restart, or log off the quick and easy way

Remember: Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday morning!

A combination of small freeware apps that make shutting down, restarting or logging off a breeze. From the web site:

"ShutDown Suite combines small freeware applications that allows you shut down, reboot your computer or log off from your user account. ShutDown Suite contains two packages: "No Install" and "Installer". Each package contains different applications. In "No Install" package, there are 6 programs. This programs never ask for confirmation when they launched. For Example: ShutDown Safe.exe application in this package shuts down computer immediately. But if there are any applications that have unsaved data, stops shutting down and wait for user's reply to that program's save warning. But ShutDown Force.exe ignores unsaved data and other programs and forces system to shut down. This may cause data loss. In "Installer" package, there are 3 programs: ShutDown, Reboot and LogOff. These programs have installer and uninstaller routines and display a tray icon and allows you shut down, reboot or log off your system easily via their tray icon menu. These programs also have "force" and "Start with Windows" options."

ShutDown Suite

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