Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now you can draw in Google Docs

Happens from time to time, you need to do a quick and easy, down and dirty flow chart, or some other type of diagram, and throw it into a document. Last time I was in that predicament I had to go looking for a free and simple way to do it. I wish this had been available then. From the blog:

"It's easy to create drawings using lines, free hand scribbles, text labels and a large choice of shapes that you can move, resize, rotate and adjust. Group, order, align and distribute and other features are available when you select objects you've drawn. You can also customize a range of shape properties, from line widths to fill color, and from arrowheads to font size, and much more. If you change your mind, there is undo and redo. You can collaborate with a friend or colleague on a drawing, or work alone, just as you can in Google Docs today."

Draw in Google Docs

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