Sunday, March 29, 2009

JOCR - Free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Utitlity

OCR is one of the truly useful capabilities every computer user needs at his or her disposal. Scenario: You have an image file that contains text you need to edit. You cannot edit the text or copy it because it is in an image. Not editable. What do you do?

Most folks would go ahead and retype it. That's fine if it's just a sentence or two, but when it's mul;tiple paragraphs, there is an easier way. This free app allows you to screencapture the image and recognize the characters, converting them into text. From the web site:

"JOCR enables you to capture the image on the screen and convert the captured image to text. It is useful to revive the protected files whose text can not be copied.  JOCR enables you to copy text from any files and images on the screen such as protected Web pages, PDF files, error messages.  The program offers several capture modes.

JOCR requires Microsoft Office 2003 or higher version. If JCOR does not work, please manually install "Micorosoft Office Document Imaging" (MODI) that is included in the setup file of Microsoft Office. You can find MODI under "Office Tools" of the setup file."


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