Saturday, February 07, 2009

Email This Bookmarklet - Send any web page from your browser

Friends ask me constantly if I know how to fix this or that computer problem, or if I know a good application to do this or that. Often, I just do a quick search through my second brain, the Internet, to find the answer. You may find stuff on the web that you think a friend might be interested in. Whatever the case, we both need to send the information by email. Here's a simple way to send any web page. From the web site:

"EMAIL THIS is a free service offered by Clickability and powered by Clickability, Inc. that lets you easily email Web site links to friends, family and colleagues.

EMAIL THIS also lets you import your Address Book from your personal information manager (PIM) such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, and Yahoo! Mail and use it to quickly send Web site links to your contacts.

You can also add an EMAIL THIS button to your browser and take advantage of the convenience of emailing information from any Web site. All it takes is one click! Click here for your EMAIL THIS browser button."

Email This

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