Sunday, February 01, 2009

Comparer - Compare and contrast file properties

With this application and a plugin or two from the author's web site, you can easily compare the properties of two files to see how they differ. For example, which file was created first? Which is larger? Etc. Features:

# possibility to export viewed details to CSV, HTML or Image files (BMP, JPG, PNG);
# additional image headers can be added to exported files;
# possibility to use external HTML and CSS files for better details export;
# external comparing applications can be configured on separate tab;
# thumbnails support for various file types (thanks to WLX plugins);
# view modes: either all details view or differences only;
# debug mode (view empty) - allows to see plugins' names for which information cannot be extracted;
# drag'n'drop support for adding new plugins - drop WDX file into proper area and you will get files extensions suggestion (if plugin supports it);


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