Friday, January 30, 2009

Free Extended Task Manager - Find unruly processes and more

I'm sitting at my computer, working away happily, when things suddenly go screwy. Moving my mouse results in hesitant, jerky movements of my pointer. Application buttons won't do anything. Time for the Task Manager.

But finding the misbehaving process with the standard Windows tool is often difficult to impossible. That's why it's good to have something more useful. From the web site:

# Displays disk input/output activity with information about related applications
# Displays network port activity with IP addresses of external computers
# Displays information about applications that utilized most of the CPU or memory at any time presented on the charts
# Displays all files locked by a select process.
# Finds all processes locking a specified file.
# Includes "Summary" tab for quickly assessing the overall state of the Windows system
# Allows freezing individual Windows processes
# Offer various visual and functional improvements over the standard Windows Task Manager

Free Extended Task Manager

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