Sunday, November 16, 2008

tidyfavorites - Put your bookmarks in visual order

There are social bookmarking services that try to use a visual interface for accessing your favorites, but what if you want to store them on your local machine? Then you're back to the usual list of folders and menus.

But now there's tidyfavorites...

"Tidy Favorites is a next-generation program that makes working with bookmarks safer, faster and easier. Intuitively designed and fully customizable to suit your exact needs, Tidy Favorites sets a new standard with dozens of exclusive features:
- Find websites instantly by viewing easy-to-recognize thumbnail images
- Open, copy, delete and update bookmarks in a single click
- Drag and drop to resize and rearrange bookmark thumbnails
- Add temporary links to a "stack" keeping your Tidy Favorites looking tidy
- Search through any website in seconds using a Command Line
- Use the same list of bookmarks in every browser - IE, Firefox, Opera, etc."


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