Monday, November 03, 2008

PcHelpware - Free and simple remote PC assistance software

Whether you're Nick Burns (of SNL fame), another computer guru from whom people often ask for help, or an innocent-but-clueless helpee, this software could be the answer to your prayers.

When friends and colleagues ask you for computer help, it can be nearly impossible to do them any good if you can't see or control their computers. Further complicating the problem is the fact that most remote control apps are too complicated for the people you're trying to help to set up.

This is the perfect place for PcHelpware. Massively simple to use and free, it fits the need so well it's uncanny.

From the web site:

"PCHelpWare is a free alternative to the various paying remote assistance services that can be found on the net

PCHelpWare is a powerful remote support software that allows you to control (right from your own PC) a distant PC connected to the internet. It is the ideal solution to provide quick remote assistance and help your customers, colleagues, friends and family members, even if they are on the other side of the world

PCHelpWare is customizable : you can create your own server package with your logo and -company- name

The individual you want to remotely assist only has to download and execute your customized package. That's all

No router/modem/firewall configuration is needed to access a remote PC even when it's standing on a protected network behind a NAT

If your PC is also behind Firewall/NAT routers, PCHelpware has the solution that makes everything simple anyway

Using the provided Repeater service, no router configuration is needed at all."


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