Friday, October 10, 2008

Zoho Mail - Now available to all

Zoho already does a boffo job at every online productivity you'd care to think about. Now they've opened Zoho Mail to all and sundry. Some of it's best features (from the Zoho site):

POP Download Support for ZohoMail

You can download your emails over TLS in email clients of your choice. The required configurations are

Incoming server name  - (995 port)

Outgoing server name  - (465 port)

Offline Support

Zoho Mail also supports Offline mode. This means you can access your email when not connected to the internet. Like Zoho Writer, this functionality is built using Google Gears.

To use Zoho Mail in offline mode, you'll notice the 'Setup Offline' link on the top. You'll need Google Gears installed on your browser (IE & Firefox are supported currently) to use offline support. Once you permit access, your mails will be accessible offline. You can choose to download images & attachments as well in the offline mode

Zoho Mail automatically detects your connectivity and switches to online/offline modes seamlessly. While offline, you can respond to your emails as you would normally. When you go back online these emails will be sent out from your Outbox.

Customize "From" address for your ZohoMail Account

If you have forwarded emails of other mail accounts to your ZohoMail account, or if your ZohoAccount is part of an email alias and you would like that email Id to be listed as your "From" address along with your ZohoMail account, this is what you need to do,

1. GoTo Settings->Common Settings->My Preferences

2. Under "Account Details" -> Click on the "Add another email address" link

3. You will be prompted with a dialog box, where you will need to enter the "Display Name" and "Email Id" -> The Display Name will be the name part of the email Id that is going to be added.

4. Once you click on "Send Verfication" , a mail with a confirmation code will be sent to the "Email Id" that you have added in Step 3.

5. Upon receiving the "Verification email", copy the confirmation code and enter it in the ZohoMail settings page.

6. If Step 5 is successfull, the new email id will also be listed as your "From" address in the ZohoMail composer.

ZohoMail as default mailto application

If you would like to set ZohoMail as the default application for sending mail, this is now possible if you are using Firfox 3.0.x version. So, how do we do this.

1. Login to ZohoMail

2. Type the following in the browser address bar,



3. Click "Add Application" when prompted from browser.

4. Now if you go to Tools -> Options -> Applications of Firefox and search for "mailto", Zmail will also be listed as an mailto application, where you will have the option to set/change your default mailto application.

Zoho Mail

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