Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Security Software - Install the right blend to protect yourself

This recent headline on CNET News should get you thinking about your PC security.

Study: Malware risks are growing exponentially 

Ask me, most folks are becoming less wary about potential threats, not more, which is out of sync with reality. Sending and receiving joke emails by the bushel, responding to "Send this to everyone you know" come-ons as if they'd never heard of malware or botnets. It's getting pretty darn blase out there.

Here are some quick tips on protecting yourself, software-wise:

Use a free yet robust anti-virus app like AVG or Avast. You can only use one AV app because they don't play well together. Avoid buying into fear-mongering ads for bloated, resource-hungry, expensive suites. Make sure your app is set to update itself automatically.

Use two, or even three, free anti-malware apps like Ad-Aware and Hazard Shield. No single app covers you 100%, but in combination, these apps can keep you relatively safe.

Finally, don't traffic in generic emails with subject headers like "This is sooooo funny!!!" or "McCain is a Liar!!!" Please, I'm begging you.

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