Monday, September 01, 2008

Microsoft readying apps store for Windows Mobile?

When a friend bought an iPhone 3G and started sending me screenshots of scores of cool apps downloaded from the Apple store, I became envious. Why can't I get more stuff like that on my Windows Mobile smartphone? I thought. Well, there may be some good news on the horizon (even though I may end up with an Android phone down the road).

CNET News - August 31, 2008 by Steven Musil

It looks as though Microsoft is joining Apple and Google in the mobile "apps store" market.

It appears the software giant expects to launch an applications store called "Skymarket" this fall for its Windows Mobile platform, if a recent job posting spotted by Long Zheng at is accurate. According to the ad posted Sunday on, the Skymarket senior product manager will head a team that will "drive the launch of a v1 marketplace service for Windows Mobile."

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