Saturday, September 27, 2008

Easy Duplicate File Finder - Make room on your drives

Doesn't matter how big your drives are, you'll find a way to overload them. I know you. One way to make room is to get rid of duplicate files. From the web site:

# Search for true duplicates (files with same contents)
Powerful search engine with fast files check
Full binary (byte-by-byte) comparison

# Flexible Scan settings
Search files by masks
Size conditions & skip zero-length files option

# Find duplicates from selected folders or drives
Add multiple folders/drives for scanning

# Safety
Protect system files and folders
Move files to Recycle Bin or delete duplicate files permanently
Mark selected duplicates by renaming them with adding prefix to file names - to test which files is safe to delete

# Convenient user interface

# Duplicate file management - remove only unnecessary duplicates
Select files manually (for deletion) or use flexible selection options
Rename duplicate files with prefix/postfix
Move duplicate files to folder
Open folder containing selected file
Show file properties
Open file with associated program

# Full Unicode support
Support for files with Chinese, Japanese, Arabian etc names

# Export list of duplicates to HTML document or to TXT file

Easy Duplicate File Finder

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