Friday, July 25, 2008

Yahoo Zimbra - A reason to look at Yahoo again

Have you ever become disenchanted with your email client? This happened to me recently, which prompted me to begin a new search for a replacement. Lo and behold, look what dropped serendipitously into my lap.

Yahoo bought Zimbra and now brings us the free Zimbra email client. I was able to set it up with no problems on a couple of different machines, and so far I like it a lot. Here's what the web site says:
A better inbox
Advanced web technology adds Conversation Views and Message Tags to automatically highlight important emails in all your email accounts. The visual Search Builder makes it easy to quickly find important pictures, documents or messages from people you care about.
All your accounts in one place
Zimbra Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Outlook or any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set up in Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. The best part—you can read them offline without an internet connection.
Be more productive
Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop also manages your Contacts and has a Calendar, Document editor, Task list and Briefcase for storing all your attachments.
A screenshot of my installation:

Check it out and get it here.

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