Friday, July 18, 2008

Bug Shooting - An excellent, free screen-capture utility

Screen-capture utilities are a wonderful tool for any computer user and an absolute necessity for bloggers. Anyone who lowers himself to the indignity of using Windows' PrtScn keyboard method for screenshots must love pain, but the rest of us don't want to spend our illicit profits on anything we can get for free, and so we opt for Bug Shooting.

Take a look at the feature list:
- Capture screen
- Capture windows
- Capture screen area
- Delayed capture
- Support for multiple screen

- Edit screenshot
    - crop
    - resize
    - add geometric shapes
    - add arrows
    - add text
    - add images
    - rotate, flip

- Print screenshot
- Save screenshot
- Open screenshot from file
- Combine screenshots

- Shortcuts are possible for a lof of functions

- Send screenshots to different bug tracker
    - FogBugz
    - Gemini
    - OnTime
    - BugTracker.NET
    - SharpForge
- Send screenshots to
    - Skype
    - Default Email Client
    - Any application by using command line

- Multilingual
    - English
    - German
    - Russian

- Custom commands: open an URL by shortcut

- Screen magnifier

- Automatic update function

- Silent installation and uninstallation

Get it here.

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