Thursday, June 05, 2008

Icon Archive - Transform your computer desktop

You get tired of your computer desktop. (Some of you may be perfectly content with how your screen has looked since you first turned it on 30 years ago, but the rest of us like some variety.) So what do you do? One excellent way to freshen it up is by swapping the boring old icons that come with your operating system for some really cool ones.

But wait! You have to be careful when you go looking for free icons. Malware is plentiful on web sites that offer free stuff, so it's smart to visit sites that have been vetted and recommended by people you trust. Like me.

Here's a look at the desktop icons on one of my machines. (Notice how there are only a few of them? And how everything is neatly put away? Would that the rest of my life were the same.)

You can find literally thousands of icons at, organized by category for easy browsing, and available in various sizes, either in ico or png format.

Click here to learn about changing your system icons.

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