Sunday, February 10, 2008

Perfect Keylogger - How to keep an eye on your kids

Most of us probably think of keylogger applications with fear and trepidation. What if I have one on my computer!?? What if there's someone out there who knows every last keystroke I make on my keyboard, including the passwords, and the stupid mistakes? A scary thought, yes? But this technology is not only for evil hackers. It's also for loving parents.


Perfect Keylogger, (recommended by a friend...thanks), allows you to see exactly what your kids are doing on their computer. Some of your worst fears can easily be put to rest: Is your kid inviting Chris Hanson over to the house when you're gone? Planning a meet-up with a pervert they think is 17 but who's really a 42-year-old troglodyte? I make fun, but this stuff really isn't a joke.

Perfect Keylogger has a remote installation feature that will actually email you the file containing the log of the activities happening on the computer under surveillance. The application is available in Lite, Basic, and Full versions. Check it out here.

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