Friday, February 29, 2008

Google Browser Sync - A great way to sync browsers across computers

You're at work, using Firefox, and you remember that you need to go to a specific web site. Problem is, that particular bookmark is on your home machine. Damn. Not the end of the world, really. You can always do a new search for the URL, but who needs the hassle?

This little pain-in-the-rear scenario happens millions of times every day across America, and it's time you did something to make that number smaller. Get your browser settings synced across all your computers with Google Browser Sync.


Since I've been using it, my life has changed for the better. OK, nothing that dramatic, but it has been a nice convenience to have everything synced, and to know that every time I add a new bookmark (or remove one), the change will be automatically spread to my other machines across the city. I think it's pretty cool.

Google Browser Sync

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