Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Computer for Christmas? You Need the PC Decrapifier!


Unless you built it yourself, chances are good that you (or your relative who knows next to nothing about anything made since 1982) brought home a new machine infested with crapplications. Those are software apps that you neither need nor want. Then why are they there? Simple. Because companies pay your PC maker to put them on their new computers in the hope that rubes will pay for them when the trial periods run out. Comes PC Decrapifier to the rescue.

I recently helped my college senior son pick out a new laptop at Best Buy. The sales person tried like heck to get us to pay for their "antivirus/antispyware" recovery disk. You can easily burn your own recovery disk, and you can download and install excellent antispyware and antivirus apps for nothing! What's even more annoying, however, is the enormous number of crapplications that come with your new machine. Like what? Like Norton "free trials," AOL offers, and stupid games aplenty.

To get rid of all this wastage, get PC Decrapifier and have a nice, clean, new PC experience.

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