Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Application Launchers: 8Start for Windows

8Start Application Launcher

Application launchers are designed with one goal in mind: to help you access your favorite applications faster. In the computer age, seconds are an eternity. Milliseconds are todays seconds. Shaving a mouse-click or two off the process of finding and opening an application is what these things are about. Enter 8Start.


8Start is a freeware application launcher that puts your most-used applications at your fingertips. It does this by bringing up groups of buttons with a simple mouse or keyboard sequence which you specify in the setup. The buttons appear immediately underneath your mouse.

8Start takes a few minutes to configure, but promises to give you back those minutes and more as you use it. (The application was developed by a non-English speaker, so don't be put off by the grammatical errors on the web site. They program is solid and well designed.)

8Start Download Page

[via CyberNet]

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