Sunday, July 01, 2007

yourminis - Flash-Based Startpage of the Future

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I love to try stuff that looks interesting. Lucky for you. Here is another contender in the startpage wars. It is called yourminis, and according to Mashable, yourminis is:
On the cutting edge of web technology; yourminis really does pull out all the stops with there unique interface, customization, and just all around coolness. The main attraction to yourminis is that it provides you with almost a virtual desktop to organize your information. Even if you do not use yourminis, it would is an interesting way to check out what web sites of the future might look like. It is, however, heavily Flash-based: not everyone is enamored by that fact.
I signed up very easily and am enjoying the process of building a startpage I can be proud of. If you like, check it out at


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