Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Try Semantic Web with Lexxe


Better ways to search and access the ocean of information that is the Web is the holy grail of the Internet. Companies are beginning to introduce their versions of semantic web search which use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. Here is one of those offerings: Lexxe. Try it and see how it works for your searches.
Founded in 2005, Lexxe Pty Ltd (ACN: 117 090 454) has been developing a third generation Internet search engine with advanced Natural Language Processing technologies. Our initial research and development of the search engine dated back in October 2004, with the help of a number of supportive individuals. Lexxe is based in Sydney, Australia.

"Lexxe", /leksI/ or pronounced 'leksi', our company name, is derived from a linguistic term "Lexical", which means "related to words". It emphasises the processing of language from the level of words and the meanings associated with them, which is a core issue for Lexxe.

Lexxe has been exploring more intelligent ways to find information for users in a more meaningful way. We believe this method will eventually bring far more accurate and relevant search results than the current search technology. Our technology is built upon the foundation of advanced Natural Language Processing technology. Please find out more about our technology.

[via Alt Search Engines]

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