Saturday, July 07, 2007

SweepRAM: A Different Kind of Memory Optimizer


Most memory optimizers are crap. First of all, they take up memory themselves. Second, they take memory from running applications that they actually need to run optimally. But SweepRAM is different, and that's why I decided to try it. Guess what. Mikey likes it!
SweepRAM is a little freeware application that will very quickly try to free some unused RAM. It is different than most if not all memory cleaners out there for a couple of reasons:
- it is not a resident: start it, it’ll do its job and then it’s done, execution ends.
- it doesn’t work as most memory cleaner, that tries to allocate as much memory as they can, then releasing it

I do not believe that resident RAM cleaners are any useful, it is actually a good thing to have (most) your RAM being used. This is the best way to get things done fast, because your RAM is without question faster than your CD/DVD drives or HDD, no matter how recent & fast they can be.

Why SweepRAM then? Well, because having your RAM used is good, but the best is to have it used by whatever applications you actually need to work with.

[via freewaregenius]

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