Friday, July 20, 2007

Motherlode: Bookmarklets, Favelets and Snippets

Who among us can honestly say they have no use for bookmarklets? Even if you have no idea what a bookmarklet is, you still could use a few. So admit that you are a bookmarklet junkie and move on. Here, in this very post, I will help you OD on bookmarklets by pointing you to the motherlode.

If you aren't familiar with them, bookmarklets are tiny snippets of Javascript that are stored within browser bookmarks and do all manner of neat things when clicked. For example, MultiSubmit will submit your posts to 19 different social bookmarking sites (providing you are registered with them). That's one I can definitely use.

Smashing Magazine has put together this great gob of excellent bookmarklets, so head on over and snag a few.

Bookmarklets, Favelets and Snippets

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