Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The iPhone Honeymoon is Over Folks

At least that is the impression you will get after reading this article by Dwight Silverman on Chronicle.com. The luster has worn off for some folks and the reality of some of the more sucky aspects of the iPhone have sunk in. How many metaphors have I mixed so far?

Dwight tested the iPhone's usability by carrying around both his new iPhone and and his Samsung Blackjack to see which he would prefer for various uses. Some of the iPhone's weaknesses have to do with some of its strengths, strangely enough. While remaining very cool, these features also possess some major difficulties.

Dwight discusses how the iPhone handles email, web-browsing, and connectivity, as well as its virtual keyboard and storage capacity. If you love your iPhone, the article may rile you. If you haven't decided whether to get one or not, the article will be very helpful in informing your decision.

A month of use, and iPhone's not as cool

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