Sunday, July 08, 2007

Get There (Even) Faster! - FlashFolder


Yesterday I told you about a way to make Windows Open/Save dialog get you to the right folders faster. Today brings yet another little tweaker than will do the job: FlashFolder. Here are some of its functions:
  • Quick access to recently used folders (through a drop down menu)
  • Quick access to favorite folders: define your frequently used folders and you’re on your way. Note that this can use the directory menu from Total Commander.
  • Easy access to all folders with currently open files; not sure why I would need these, exactly, especially when most of the folders in the dropdown are system folders that are being accessed by Windows and other background processes. It would have been great to be able to suppress system folders from this dropdown in the ’program options’.
  • Adds a folder address bar to the "Open/Save" dialog. This offers the option to manually edit the folder path if you need to. At first I was inclined to think this was an entirely unnecessary but in fact it placed so efficiently in the FlashFolder dock that it quickly started to make sense to have it there.
  • Centers the dialog on the screen; enlarges it and makes it resizeable.
  • Provides a button to quickly set the *.* (All file types) filter.
  • Works with MS Office’s “Open/Save” dialog (requires Windows XP)

[via freewaregenius]

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