Friday, July 27, 2007

Freeware Screen Capture: Window Clippings

Window Clippings Freeware Screen Capture

Now that FastStone no longer offers its screen capture utility for free, the hunt is on for a feature-rich freeware alternative. Window Clippings free version does a good job of fitting the bill, and the 10 dollar version will leave your wallet intact, if just a bit lighter.

The freeware option includes these features:
  • Include multiple windows in selection
  • Launch Options window from command line
  • Launch capture screen from command line
  • Hide notification icon
  • Convert to black and white
For just $10, you also get to:
  • Include mouse pointer
  • Allow object selection
  • Freeze window during capture
  • Delay before capture (to capture pop-ups)
  • Copy file to clipboard
  • Configurable image formats
  • Post-save events
  • Register and configure add-ins
  • Crop or expand selection
  • Quick select desktop, work area or monitor
Screen capture utilities have been a powerful tool for me in my blogging, but you'll find them helpful whenever you want to show a friend what you're seeing on your screen and for 1,000 other things besides.

Window Clippings

[via downloadsquad]

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