Monday, July 09, 2007

Flock Gets More Beautiful (and Smart)

Flock 0.9

Let it not be said that I lack a balanced taste in browsers. I appreciate both beauty and intelligence. Enough said. For this reason I can commend to you the new Flock, version 0.9.

Knowledgeable sources tell me that Flock 0.9 is set to be released tomorrow. But I am not one who will wait for that to happen. I am one to try the beta. Yes, a day is too long.

I've downloaded and installed the beta from here. The page warns me to back up my settings, which I do. The page warns me that there may be bugs, since it is a beta. I acknowledge. After the setup program migrates my settings, and gathers updates for my add-ons, the browser opens like a flower catching the sun. It is pretty.

I already use Flock to post to my blogs, but it can do so much more, and the new features in 0.9 make it probably the coolest browser in the browser world.

Read/Write Web gives a detailed description of Flock 0.9's new features.

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