Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Find Your Pied-A-Terre with Terabitz

This is a very cool web site based on a fantastic idea. Blending real estate listings with almost everything else under the sun, Terabitz lets users find listings, then find the "quality of life" things located nearby. Say you plan on moving to Ocala, Florida. You search Terabitz and see a listing that looks good. But what schools are nearby? How about movie theaters, cafes, libraries, banks, whatever? No problem. You can customize the interface like you have never seen before.
Terabitz is the first comprehensive and customizable real estate Web site that fundamentally changes the online real estate industry by helping consumers make smart decisions before, during, and after the property transaction in ways never before possible. We, at Terabitz, realize that every home exploration is unique. That is why every user can customize, store, and share their real estate data and content to fit their own personal needs. Terabitz enables more than just a single comprehensive source for property listings - it also allows integration of unlimited local neighborhood information, market research, schools, restaurants, crime and safety statistics, service providers, financial tools, and more. Every category of information is available in one place and is customizable by individual for every step of the process. Additionally, Terabitz provides a platform and community where users can share all the relevant preferences and information amongst themselves, their friends and family, and the local market service providers that are helping them through the process.
I'm planning to move soon, and I will definitely be using Terabitz.


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