Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dash for Windows Gets You There Stat


Dash is the Windows equivalent to Quicksilver on the Mac platform. It represents a new way to launch applications, send emails, perform searches, all without having to navigate the contents of your machine. You can see a 5-minute YouTube video that shows some of what it can do.

So far it seems like one of the most powerful productivity enhancements for Windows I've seen yet.

For example, say you want to open your web browser. First you call Dash by pressing a hotkey. Then you start typing Firefox (or whatever the name of your browser is). By the time you have typed 1 or 2 letters, Dash knows what you want. Finally you just press Enter and Dash will open your browser. As simple as that. Or perhaps you want to do a Google search (or any search for that matter) on Spider Man. Again, you call Dash, start typing G…, then spider man. Press Enter and Dash will open your browser at a Google search for Spider Man.

Maybe you are working with some files and folders. You select a folder, call Dash, start typing Zip, press Enter, and Dash will Zip compress the selected folder. Nothing could be simpler or faster!

You can launch your most used applications, or those you have not used in years, without frustration. Instantly send email, do all sorts of web searches, go to your favorite websites, create appointments, play music, zip files, find and open documents, and much more. All without clicking and without wasting time.

Can Dash read your mind?

Yes it can. Well no, not really but it will make you wonder. Dash learns from you, and remembers. It only takes a few keystrokes to perform all sorts of tasks, and there is nothing to memorize, you just type what you want. The power of Dash is unlimited, besides all the built in commands, you can create your own easily. Plus you can also catalog your computer using Dash scanners, or apply and create new skins, and with the use of plugins, Dash can grow indefinitely.

Well worth checking out!


[via jkOnTheRun]

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