Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dabble in Video Search


Check out this video-search engine that is also a social networking site. According to Dabble:
Dabble search finds videos from all over the Web

You can also look through other people's collections to see what people like you like to watch

Once you make your profile on Dabble there are two ways to add contacts:

1. If you see someone collect media you like, click on "add this person to my contacts"
2. Invite friends to join Dabble; they will automatically become your contact when they join

Each time you see a video you like, add it to your Dabble account in one of two ways:

1. Import videos from any Website using Dabble's special bookmarking tool
2. On Dabble, check a box next to videos you like and click "add to my media"

Once you start collecting videos, you can organize them into playlists by checking the box and clicking "add to playlist"

Then, drag and drop videos to re-order your playlists

Via AltSearchEngines

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