Thursday, July 05, 2007

Banish Unwanted Crap from Clipboard Text


Scenario: I want to copy some text from a pdf or web site. I copy the text as plain text, then paste it into my post. Damn. It happens to be chock full of returns. Or double spaces. (Hey, double-spacing between sentences went out with the typewriter!) I used to have to either remove them manually or paste the text into a Word doc to do a find and replace maneuver. Now I can use ClipCase!
If you have ever tried to copy text from one application to another, you have probably encountered the problems:

* Hard returns at the end of every line
* Extra spaces/tabs at the beginning of lines
* All capitals (ugh!)
* Extra formatting copied with text
* Invisible extra blank lines pasted at the end
* Extra blank lines

All of this makes it a pain, if you want to paste into a word processor that wraps and formats automatically. ClipCase will fix these problems in text copied to the system clipboard.

[via Lifehacker]

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