Friday, June 29, 2007

Zude: A Powerful New 5g Web App

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You know me, I have to try whatever looks like a great new thing. I found another one at Read/WriteWeb called Zude.
The Beta testing trail took us to an interesting new private beta site called Zude. This app is deploying cross domain drag-and-drop technology to allow users to create a unique Web presence. This development is like a 2015 version of Netvibes, or Pageflakes on steroids. 5g’s technology has enabled perhaps the most powerful personal expression platform I have tested. Users do not need any technical skill to essentially drag and drop their entire Web experience onto the Zude platform. The platform also incorporates an advanced tool set, nimble enough for experienced coders to fine tune their creations.
Note: R/WW has a link and access code provided by Zude for you to try it at the end of their article.

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