Monday, June 04, 2007

Newly Released: SpaceTime 3-D Browser

Jump onboard a fantastic new 3-D web browsing experience with SpaceTime! From Technology Review:
Today, a New York-based company called SpaceTime launched a new browser, free to download and use, that presents Web pages and search results as floating slabs that can be flipped through, organized, and navigated in 3-D. The graphics concepts are similar to those found in "first-person shooter" video games, in which players navigate an immersive virtual environment. But instead of shooting monsters, SpaceTime users can "fly" through search results such as Web pages, pictures, and eBay auction items. When a user turns her view to the left, the right, up, or down, she can see all the Web pages she has previously called up and zoom in on the one she wants. "SpaceTime is interesting because it constantly redraws the scene that you see ... just like a video game where you can assume any position," says Edward Bakhash, CEO of the company.
The application is graphics intensive, so you need some system strength to manage it well, but systems that can handle Vista's graphics should have no difficulty.

Check it out here!

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