Saturday, June 16, 2007

Democracy Player: Set to Topple TV?

The Democracy Player is an idea whose time has plainly come.
Democracy Player, set to be called Miro Player with its next release, is an open-source video player that works for almost every type of video file. With an interface similar to iTunes, it also has a channel guide where you can set up automatic downloads of your favorite Web shows, from "Ask a Ninja" to National Geographic Wild.
Here's what CNet says about it:
The concept is brilliant, yet simple: create a video player that can subscribe to and download video podcasts while comprehensively managing your saved videos. On the face of it, this might sound like iTunes, but DP's sharing component is an essential aspect of the program. DP has always been geared toward video and it shows in the program's design. When you launch the app, a left sidebar hosts a folder tree for managing your videos. The central pane does double duty for viewing vids and searching for new ones. The bottom hosts a search box for parsing through Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and others, a video control panel, and a volume control.

Features include full torrent support, so you can download and view torrents in the same app; folder watching to manage only the hard drive folders you specify for new videos; resumable playback; channel surfing, which organizes video feeds by topic; video sharing and hosting; and assistance in creating videos.

Soon to be renamed Mira, the latest update to DP is essentially Release Candidate 1 and it performs and behaves as such, behaving pretty darn close to a fully functional player.
I installed it with no trouble and it does have a sweet look and feel. I then played a video from GeekBrief.TV, a wrap up of Steve Jobs' keynote speech at WWDC. Worked beautifully. This may be a killer app for real.

Democracy Player

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