Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wikio: Personalized News & Blog Search

In their own words:
What is Wikio ?

Wikio is a personalized page of news, including a news search engine that searches media sites and blogs.

With Wikio, you can automatically create personalized pages by selecting info that interests you. News is continuously updated!

On Wikio, users can vote for an article or a group of articles that interests them.

This way users can influence the results of the search engine: the most popular contents tend to appear more often in the search results if they are pertinent.
In my own words:

I like this site, especially since I can publish articles and submit my blogs. I can search many different topics and tags, and set up Wikio to bring me the news I'm interested in. Very nice addition to my arsenal of personalized news sites. Click the graphic below to go there.

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