Friday, May 04, 2007

Perform Surgical Strike on Crapware

Getting a new computer is an absolute joy. First there's the sweet ring of the doorbell, your heart leaps, and you open the door to see a big box with "Dell" on it (or whichever brand you prefer). You bring it inside, ignoring the pain in your back, and set it down in your home office. As you slice through the tape and open the flaps, that delicious smell of brand new circuitry hits your nostrils and the pleasure centers of your brain dump gobs of endorphins into your quivering veins. Oh, it is sweet.

But then, after you've hooked it all up, as you press the power button for the first time, there's that party pooping sense of let down and annoyance when you see all the garbage icons that represent crap that the computer maker rudely installed on your system. You didn't ask for or agree to all this stuff. Your machine is littered with trial offers and pleas to get the full versions of who knows what. What a drag.

But now you've got a friend who will, with a few clicks of a mouse, decrappify your beautiful new machine, making it as pristine as a clear mountain stream. It's the PC Decrappifier, it's free, and it works.
The PC Decrapifier will uninstall many of the common trialware and annoyances found on many of the PCs from big name OEMs. Below is the current list of software and items that the PC Decrapifier can detect and remove. You get to see the list of items it detects and then choose what will be removed automatically.
Want to see what it'll remove? OK.
  • QuickBooks Trial
  • NetZero Installers
  • Earthlink Setup Files
  • Corel Photo Album 6
  • Tiscali Internet
  • Wanadoo Europe Installer
  • Get High Speed Internet!
  • Internet Service Offers Launcher
  • Dell Search Assistant
  • Norton Ghost 10.0
  • Symantec Live Update
  • MS Plus Photo Story 2LE
  • MS Plus Digital Media Installer
  • McAffee
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Google Desktop
  • Google Toolbar
  • AOL US
  • AOL UK
  • MusicMatch Jukebox
  • MusicMatch Music Services
  • Wild Tangent Games
  • Norton AntiVirus 2005
  • Norton Security Center
  • Norton AntiSpam
  • PC-cillin Internet Security 12
  • Corel Snapfire Plus SE
  • Yahoo! Music Jukebox
  • Vongo
  • Office 2003 Trial Assistant
  • Norton Protection Center
  • HP Rhapsody
  • ESPN Motion
  • Run Registry Entries
  • Desktop Icons
  • Startup Menu Items
  • Reset IE Home and Search Pages
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • Roxio RecordNow
  • Sonic DLA
  • Sonic Update Manager
  • Sonic RecordNow Audio
  • Sonic RecordNow Copy
  • Roxio MyDVD LE
  • Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
  • Quicken 2006
Get it here.

(Via Lifehacker)

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