Saturday, May 05, 2007

Netvibes Gets Purty

Netvibes has added some new customization features. Choose a new theme or create your own.
The first new functionality is a theme creator. Located in the new "Custom theme" tab of the themes section, it will allow you to create an infinite number of variants by changing the color. Simply pick a color from the palette and all your Netvibes will dress up accordingly. In case you want to have a very specific color, you can also enter the exact value in hexadecimal format.
They've also added wallpapers:
Go to your "Settings" panel and you will notice a new entry in the options list: "Wallpapers". This new option will let you change the background image for the header and the module area.

Naturally, we offer you a selection of netvibes images but there is more: you can grab pictures directly from flickr, myspace, twitter or choose a background color !

And for those of you who like things to be pixel perfect, we included options for alignment, text color and more.
Here's a graphic that just about says it all:

And if that one doesn't sell you, here's a screenshot from one of my Netvibes pages:

Visit Netvibes here. Click on Settings to see the customization features.

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