Monday, May 21, 2007

Live a Different (Mini) Life

On one of my other excellent blogs I posted an article titled Going All-Virtual: The Desire to Leave Reality Behind. The article describes the arrival, in the next two to three decades, of full-immersion virtual reality that cannot be differentiated from real reality. A brief excerpt:
Skip now to the singularity, when nanomachines in our blood and in our brains can cut off all the data coming from our sensory organs and replace them with virtual data. Every signal being processed by your brain could be coming from the nanomachines, rather than from the outside world. You would not feel the chair that you are sitting on, you would not feel the warmth of the air surrounding your body, or smell the smoke coming from the fire that was started when your lit cigarette fell from your slack fingers onto the flammable carpet.
Although the current crop of online virtual worlds seem like the Model-T when compared to future VR, they still hold an attraction. No matter how happy you may be with your current life, there will always be a part of you that wonders what it would be like to be someone else, someplace else, somewhen else. And let's face it, practically no one is completely satisfied with what the have going. So we are already heading in droves over to sites like MyMiniLife.

Some of MyMiniLife's selling points, besides providing an alternate existence:
  • Create and personalize your own character and plot of land
  • Interact between others as you make new friends and enemies
  • Embed your creations on any webpage you desire
  • Best of all, there's nothing to download and it's FREE!
So check it out here, but please, come back soon.

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