Friday, May 18, 2007

I Knew There Was a Reason I Liked Blogger

Blogger has added some welcome features to their blogging platform. I've lost a few posts in my time when my computer froze or crashed or my browser suddenly went AWOL. But no more! Blogger just made their service better by adding auto-save. From now on it will save my new posts as drafts once a minute, or every time I stop typing, depending on how fast I type. Very nice.

Another set of changes involves the keyboard shortcuts. They now make more sense; now Ctrl-P publishes, Ctrl-S saves a draft, and Ctrl-D switches from published to draft. They moved Preview over to Ctrl-Shift-P.

It's always nice to see the services you use improved. I have three Blogger blogs and two self-hosted WordPress blogs (and an experimental Weebly blog), and they each have their advantages, but Blogger is definitely the simplest to use. Thanks, Blogger!

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