Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Firefox Tip: Clean Out Unused Extensions

This is a worthwhile little chore you should perform every now and again. If you're like me (and who isn't?), you like to try useful-sounding Firefox extensions whenever and wherever you find them. But as often as not they turn out to be crappy. They don't do what they said they'd do, like a lot of people, or they foul up something else. Sometimes they don't do anything wrong, it's just that you never, ever, ever use the darn thing. So why let them hang around?

The thing to remember is that all these extensions are loading every time you open Firefox. They increase your loading time and decrease your performance, if even by just a little. It pays then to comb through your list of extensions every few weeks and uninstall the detritus of your extension-obsession and your installation binges. If you're not sure you want to cast some of them into the lake of digital sulphur, you can disable it and make a final judgment later.

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