Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BlueOrganizer: Dip Your Toe Into Web 3.0

Web 3.0, the Semantic Web, whatever name you give it, it's essentially a more intelligent web experience. BlueOrganizer by AdaptiveBlue had been written up by PC Magazine:
One early example is the BlueOrganizer from AdaptiveBlue ( In certain situations, when you visit a Web page, this browser plug-in can understand what the page is about, automatically retrieving related information from other sites and services. If you visit a movie blog, for instance, and read about a particular film, it immediately links to sites where you can buy or rent that film. "It's what you might call a top-down approach," says Alex Iskold, the company's CEO. "Web pages already contain semantic data. We can understand them, so why shouldn't computers? Why not build a technology that can parse and process existing services and databases?"
I'd say this is an early, early example, but very nice nonetheless. BlueOrganizer has upgraded to a new version of their Firefox add-on that "delivers an even more compelling user experience," according to TechCrunch.
The biggest change in the new version of Blue Organizer is “smart links”. Toolbar and in-page pull down menus are supported with an improved contextual engine that delivers results based on data pulled from the page being viewed. The options provided have evolved; where as previous versions provided only static lists of external links, the latest version of Blue Organizer dynamically personalizes link options based on browsing history. For example if you used Facebook and regularly but didn’t use Newsvine, Newsvine would not be listed.
Check it out here.

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